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If you’ve been charged with a DUI in Illinois, Maureen Williams can help. Contact Heart of Illinois Criminal Defense for a consultation and aggressive defense.

Facing DUI Charges in Illinois? Get the Strong Defense You Need

A DUI conviction can have severe consequences, including fines, license suspension, and even jail time. At Heart of Illinois Criminal Defense, Maureen Williams understands the stakes and are committed to providing the aggressive representation you need to protect your rights and driving privileges.

Our DUI Defense Services

  • First-time DUI offenses
  • Multiple DUI offenses
  • Felony DUI charges
  • License reinstatement hearings
  • DMV administrative hearings

Why Choose Us for Your DUI Defense?

  • Decades of experience handling DUI cases in Illinois
  • Thorough investigation and challenge of evidence
  • Skilled negotiation to minimize penalties
  • Aggressive courtroom defense when necessary
  • Compassionate guidance throughout the legal process


I’ve known Maureen Williams for over 5 years and met her at a Trial Lawyers College seminar on trial skills. I’ve worked on her cases and she’s worked on mine. Maureen could have taught the course we attended together and was very impressive. She is an outstanding advocate for her clients. Maureen achieves great results in court because she has such a strong commitment to her clients, and takes the time to really prepare and learn their stories. She really cares about the people she represents and I would not hesitate to send a friend or family member to her for representation.

Marie McHale Drake

The Drake Law Firm, P.C.

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